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This site fronts on a portion of Madison Avenue that was called “Millionaire’s Row” in the 19th century. Wealthy New Yorkers traveled out to the Morristown area especially in the summer for relief from the hot city.

Our client is a leading surgeon who needed an office building for the business side of his practice. The site had been host to a small 1950s house which was later converted to a branch bank. The foundation & part of the framing were saved when we renovated the structure into a business office. At a much reduced scale we worked to design a structure that would express some of the grace that the 19th century homes displayed.


The structure is energy efficient utilizing a technique called continuous insulation. We continued this method down over the foundations. The project is completely accessible including low slope entry walk & elevator. Offices are on the first floor & the doctor’s office & conference are on the second floor.

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