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Our Philosophy


A commitment to green, sustainable architecture means more than using resources responsibly today to build structures that use energy responsibly tomorrow. Because people care for things they love, for sustainable architecture to become the norm, it must capture the imagination. This makes ugliness impractical and beauty a necessity.

With our growing concern for the human impact on the environment, we can see the future in terms of loss, a sacrifice of beauty to necessity. If we observe Nature, we see changing, challenging conditions spurring elegant design. Like the Natural World to which we belong, by using less to achieve more, we can arrive at solutions that leave things better, more beautiful, than we find them.

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From concept to realization

Today, when we know we must curb our use of resources, today, when our buildings consume about 50% of U.S. energy, few can doubt that we must transform what we build and what we have built. We welcome the opportunity to play a part in solving the profound environmental questions confronting us, and with gratitude, we center our work on our most deeply held values, a reverence for life and the Natural World.

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